"Light walkers | conscious holistic living | new world wisdom"


Walking each other home

Transcending The 3D Matrix 

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Self Realisation

Activations & Clearings

Conscious Living

Wayshowers & Alchemists

 LIGHT WALKERS     conscious holistic living ~ new world wisdom home

  "We are all part of the family of light having a human experience walking the earth"​

life is a journey of awakening & remembering our true nature & power 

we are all walking this journey expanding our awareness to the field of consciousness

we are hear to assist the walkers by sharing our experiences 


We are heartists at your service

We are part of a Manifesting Collective

We spread the message of unity and harmony 

We share with you our ideas of a conscious way of living life

We assist those that want to live a conscious life by choosing from the heart

We walk for  equality - community - ubuntu - contribution - zero-point and

resource based economics - holistic be-ing & healing techniques

free energy - sovereignty - natural law


We need you in order to raise the global collective consciousness


Thank You 


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Imagination is Manifestation

Imagine all the people Living for today 

Imagine all the people Living life in peace

Imagine all the people Sharing all the world

put the needle on the record

We believe

"That today each of us must take action to restore peace and dignity to our beloved planet by Making a conscious choice, setting aside the man-made divisions which separate us, and understand there is no difference between people regardless of tradition, religion, culture, colour  economic status or gender. In fact, those are just idea's and are serving the false light reality. 


In claiming and exercising our inherent sovereignty and freedom

beyond the constraints of rogue government, religion and bureaucracy.


Really, ... no one else is gonna do it for us.

We are all part of the tribe of many colors

we believe In You

We are all connected as ONE"


consciousness expanding

cosmic inheritance


Autonomous living | Natural Law