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Our Mission & Vision

Our intent is raising our Personal, Collective and the Gaia Consciousness by living a compassionate life, honor all that lives, share, exchange, learn,  teach,  taste, participate,  elevate, dance,  laugh,  meet you,  see you,  know you, hug you, walking the light, give,  receive,  inspire,  BE what we WISH to SEE &  take part IN the change.

  "We are all part of the family of light having a human experience walking the earth"​

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life is a journey of awakening & remembering our true nature & power 

we are all walking this journey expanding our awareness to the field of consciousness

we are hear to assist the walkers by sharing our experiences 


We are heartists at your service

We are part of a Manifesting Collective

We spread the message of unity and harmony 

We share with you our ideas of a conscious way of living life

We assist those that want to live a conscious life by choosing from the heart

We walk for  equality - community - ubuntu - contribution - zero-point and

resource based economics - holistic be-ing & healing techniques

free energy - self governance - natural law


We need you in order to raise the global collective consciousness


Thank You


walk with us

& be part of the change

We are a Manifesting Collective


In service to the creative source, earth, nature, wild life & humanity, providing information and guidance for those that are seeking freedom, that are seeking joy that never leaves, that are seeking healing, want to trust again, want to feel safe, those that are tired and afraid, we are here for you, always, as much as we can be . . . 

Blessed with healing hands, open hearts & pure thoughts, spiritual common sense.


Guiding people how to attain true freedom by transcending the person and being in presence,  how to raise children ... to be a parent, how to heal / balance one self, how to deal with the new energy on earth, how to deal with physical issues during this Transformation we call the Shift, how to use affirmations, how to talk to our selves and our cells, how compassion, trust, gratitude & integrity manifest dreams, the power of focused intent and much more…

In other words our work is creating awareness about the power of our heart and universal mind and our physical and mental abilities to manifest and create, which will raise consciousness on a global level and beyond ....

Doing all of our work on a sliding scale exchange in whatever form, because we truly believe that money should never be an obstacle to a person’s health or wellbeing. We help out freely those that can not exchange monies or any other energy exchange (at this time) .. we can do what we do by grace of your integrity to contribute in any way you wish // can, exchange is not only monies dear ones. When we support others we are supported as well, so do you want to be part of the change and help us helping others, co creating with us ... then talk to us, we are here

Sharing our knowledge, time and experience to help people heal, transform and live their true potential. The information is open source and available for All. One day everyone will know how to heal themselves or even better how to live in peace & harmony only by thought and powerful affirmations, breath & sound, goodbye to Big Pharma, hello Healthy Humanity.

Here to assist our fellow beings in their waking & transformation process to the universal truths / laws / principles,

We are system busters freeing ourselves and the people on earth from Idolatry, Iconoclasticism, Spells - spelling ; Dream-Spell and Spell-Binding.

Walking for a world based on co-operation, resource based economics, free energy, Self Governance, Creativity, Sharing, exchanging, Universal laws, Holistic Healing, Energy Medicine, Metaphysical Science, Physics of Consciousness, Quantum Biology, and much more . .

This is an open invitation

to every member of the family of light to get involved in an important project of ours, to walk & transition away from all systems and enclosures which limit our divine capacity for creative self-expression, and instead unite as the family of sovereign earth beings who, with the support and solidarity of that family, are collectively empowered to co-create a new paradigm of prosperity and abundance.

We believe that today each of us must take action to restore peace and dignity to our beloved planet by


Making a conscious choice, setting aside the man-made divisions

which separate us and inner-stand there is no difference between people

regardless of tradition, religion, culture, color, economic status or gender  

In fact, those are just idea's and are serving the false light reality matrix. 

Claiming and exercising our inherent sovereignty and freedom

beyond the constraints of rogue government and bureaucracy.

Really no one else is gonna do it for us. We all are part of the tribe of many colors.​

Those who join in this project with us declare to themselves that these values are important to them and that they want to carry them wherever they walk and talk, and ignite these values in others around them.

Together we send out a frequency around the world and into the universe and multiverse. It’s a personal statement which will radiate from us and will resonate with others and expand the collective consciousness.

The Symbol

In 2016, amongst many other things, we have been busy creating a symbol which, for us, represents our conscious choice to personally walk our clear values such as compassion, trust, integrity, tolerance, unity, authenticity and inner truth.

We named it, following the clear guidance , the Light Walkers Symbol. The illustration shows two hands carrying the divine light within the eternal circle of life. It is the light that exists in every one of us, the divine spark. 

It is a daily reminder to always walk (with) the values that bring people together.

Wearing this symbol means that you agree, understand your responsibility and that you choose to participate & facilitate in changing the world together by compassionate action, integrity, gratitude, acceptance & TrusT, ....

It is a true hearts signature, it is a powerful energy sent out by you which unites, merges with all who choose to wear this pendant. Each Pendant carries the energy of our ideas and is charged with our intentions, emotions, sacred mantra’s & Binaural music.

It is a statement of Intent, which is broadcasting energy and creates something beautiful & powerful. It means you say YES, to carry & spread the frequency of integrity and thus help raise the frequency & vibration of earth and all life. Your state of awareness contributes to, and is, changing this world, if you believe it or not.

We contribute 12% of revenues to people and organisations that make an effort to co-create a beautiful new earth, based on Integrity, Compassion, TRUST, Equality, Tolerance, Gratitude, Grace, Sovereignty, Authenticity ... and much more

In short ;-) .. those who walk to UNIFY PEOPLE!

Walk with us walking each other home

and spread the energy that will help transform humanity. Help us to create awareness about the power of our heart and mind, our manifesting and (self) healing abilities. We live in a time that shows us unprecedented ways of creating & attracting abundance for ALL.

We support and we co create / code with our Planet at and those that have chosen to take their keys back.

(see website) and,

Several self sustaining projects, people ..healers, grid workers, teachers - guiders - way showers, channels, social platforms,  ..etc. ,

which we don't mention here for privacy reasons, that we feel must be supported.

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