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 NEW - Free Speech - Autonomous 
Social Media Network

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Surveillance Free

We don’t track and trace you, spy on you, or sell your personal data.

Ad’s Free

Members are completely free from intrusive advertising.

A.I. Free

We don’t use A.I. (artificial intelligence) to manipulate you.

Censorship Free

We don’t censor your thoughts or opinions. (Within the boundaries of the law)

censorship free.png


The Old Surveillance Capitalist Model

Advertisers pay for your data.

Data harvesting & behavior
manipulation machine.

You are the product.

You are the product!

"It’s the gradual slight, imperceptible change in your own behavior and perception that is the only product.


That's the only thing there is for them to make money from. Changing what you do, how you think, who you are..."

"Social media and search engines should be like NETFLIX you pay for them, but they should also be like Etsy or Patreon where you can make a living from them"

"Delete your social media accounts right now!... Free yourself to Free us all" - Laron Lanier

bye bye google facebook instagram youtube twitter and those that prohibit authentic sound  

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