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living in a world

where everything imaginable is created, obtained, designed by the people, for the people

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Imagine living in a world where everything imaginable is created, obtained, designed by the people, for the people – this is the world of UBUNTU Contributionism.

The Old Paradigm has proven detrimental to the Earth and our Civilisation so a shift from an old to New Paradigm is paramount for our existence yet the transition from the old to new can seem a daunting task. Like all great evolutionary leaps through the ages, it is those who are willing to turn from the known to the unknown who will define the future of mankind. 

Letting go of the old mind-set, structures and patterns while moving into a flow of creating new realities is key to unlocking abundance and success in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.



The concept of Contributionism first emerged in 2005 out of the research into ancient human history and how civilisation has morphed over thousands of years. It also became clear that all ancient cultures embrace a philosophy that was virtually identical in order to survive as isolated communities. This is the philosophy of UBUNTU, or what I originally called Contributionism.

It can be described as follow: “If it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all.” I urge you to read as much as you can on our website to inform yourself and realise how simple it really is. I urge you to set aside any pre-conceived ideas of how it may resemble other systems and jump to conclusions before you have absorbed the simple basic fundamentals of this beautiful way of life that is intended to allow every human being to thrive and enjoy life to their fullest potential. Without the draconian rules and restrictions that have been imposed on humanity everywhere today by those that are supposed to serve us – the people.



We are in a time of great change and it is up to us to make the changes that we, the people, want for ourselves. They say that history has taught us nothing. Well – this is the time when we finally have to learn from history and choose a completely new course that will liberate the people from the never-ending economic and financial slavery we are all trapped in.

We are the 99 percent, and it is up to us to stop being the victims and constantly ask for handouts from the government, who is our servants, and rather choose a new way of unity and abundance for ourselves.

This concept presents the very basic foundation of a new social structure to take us into a new era of real freedom from financial tyranny, real prosperity and real control of our own destiny as the people of planet Earth. No more feelings of despair and helplessness.

To achieve this will require a complete change of thinking and a paradigm shift by the ordinary citizens of the land.  It will require taking back the power from the politicians and the governments they have created, with their complex legal systems, to protect their own interests and the agendas of the large multinational corporations that support them.

UBUNTU is the result of years of research and planning by numerous participants who can no longer tolerate the absolute abuse of the good, honest citizens of the World. Our philosophy is based on the principles of absolute equality, abundance for all and Unity Consciousness.

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