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be part of someone else's Healing  Awakening  Re-Balancing  Transformation Self Awareness  Self Realization  Growth  and ............


Light Walkers Collective is committed to raising the collective level of conscious & sovereign human expression.

In service to humanity, providing information and guidance for those that are seeking freedom, that are seeking joy that never leaves, that are seeking healing, want to trust again, want to feel safe, those that are tired and afraid,


Doing all of our work on a sliding scale exchange in whatever form, because we truly believe that money should never be an obstacle to a person’s health or wellbeing.


We help out freely those that can not exchange monies or any other energy exchange (at this time) .. we can do what we do by grace of your integrity to contribute in any way you wish // can, exchange is not only monies dear ones. When we support others we are supported as well, so do you want to be part of the change and help us helping others, co creating with us ... then talk to us, we are here

Your heart based  contributions help us to cover our basic IT and other unavoidable (production) costs so that we can continue assisting people in their evolution which is serving ultimately to advance human and planetary wellbeing . . .most, free-of-charge. 

Please join us in assisting the awakening people from all corners of the Earth.


Gratitude in advance for your support !




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You can also choose to contribute through our SHOP,

We contribute 12 % from the revenues of the

Light Walkers to organizations

which make an effort to co-create a beautiful new earth   

In other words those who walk to UNIFY PEOPLE !

we love to give

we believe in contributionism

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Oh and we like to give away our art like music so be sure to visit the shop area for some free downloads