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Life Design


Holistic Health & Wellness | Awareness Life Guiding | Reprogramming of Subconscious Beliefs & Habits

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Come home

Conscious Manifesting


FUNCTIONING FROM a PERSONAL TO a UNIVERSAL PERSPECTIVE - CONSCIOUSNESS changing the patterns that are inconsistent with our true nature.


Human Empowerment sessions, 

Discover The Power of the Human Mind & Heart through Conscious Conversation:

One on One Guidance, Awareness Expanding, Abundance Counseling, Process of Transformation (change) …


Holistic in all fields through Personal Awakening of the infinite nature of the human being: mental, physical, emotional, metaphysical (spiritual)   

Our beliefs thoughts and emotions are responsible for what we experience(d) and how we react to what is happening or has happened. That means we are in control but we just dont know that to be true. 

Learn how to heal Your Self and Others by conscious intentional thought sound and breath alone !!

You have all the tools inside, you just need to be reminded of them. 


Learn how your language, your vocabulary, is attracting all that which you want to change or re-design. Learn that you are the creator of your future and you are doing it in the now based on experiences of the past, BREAK FREE from your limiting beliefs, ideas, theories, use of language, habits, judgements, etc.


Come Home to that YOU, that is infinite in being, that is part of all that is was and ever will be.

From this place you re-write your script, a total new script free from filters, ideas ideologies dogmas and beliefs of others.

(remote | distant) counseling / consulting, energy healing / surgery. energy psychology.
universal-nlp. body movements. (d.n.a.) activations meditations & affirmations (self inquiry / self talk). 
breathing-sound therapy. light language healing & design. muscle-testing and more....

You will gain the wisdom and tools to ignite breakthroughs for living a purposeful and meaningful life. 

​I am there with you on your journey of "OMG! Moments" when you will experience transformation and powerful uplifting shifts of awareness in Heart Mind Body & Soul.

I will show and teach you how you can eventually heal your self and assist others by applying the tools and techniques that we have inside our bodies, we don't need external tools and practioners and that is the good news. You need your voice eyes heart hands thoughts intent trust joy belief & love

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