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Holistic Living


More and more people are steering their lives to a different and more balanced form of succes.  
People are choosing from the heart, from what they feel and want a positive professional life in balance with family  life and social life.
Personal happiness is today's goal. All this starts with our state of mental physical and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Holistic living is everything but spiritual woo woo,


it is actually pure science, the science we have not fully understood yet. Here it refers to making choices based on the concept of holism: saying the value of the whole of an entity is greater than the sum of its parts.


The current society and the old way of doing things has become more and more programmed and conditioned to design our personal life based on our beliefs and habits. 

When it comes to our health and abundance, holistic living means evaluating how each choice we make in our life impacts our health and total wellbeing, as well as the lives of others. 


"The belief system of the medical paradigm is born out of a reductionist viewpoint.  Reductionism is the opposite of holism.  It means looking at the part, rather than the function of the whole.  Reductionist thinking has created a system of health care that is focused on treating the disease of a person, rather than helping a person get well."

It is well understood today that beliefs, thoughts, emotions & behaviour, affect our environment, whether it is humanity or the earth itself. 

The power of intent, is elegant and correct & manifests quicker than ever before and is something we have not really understood yet, it is the ultimate tool in creating what you want in life. 

When we know what we are saying to our selves every day and why, when we know our limiting beliefs and habits, we can re-write them. Science knows for some years that the cells in our body can be re-written by our words feelings thoughts beliefs & behavior. 

Holistic living means being aware of what you put in your body, how you treat your body, how you talk to your self and your cells, who you hang out with, how you see your self, how you see the world, etc....

To Change, manifest that what we wish for or desire we must accept the wisdom that says "when we ask or pray for something that is in the future it will stay in the future. This is the law of attraction, when you pray for rain to come, you say the rain is not here, when you want to be in a relationship, you actually say that you are not right NOW.   

The real prayer or way of asking, but it isn't asking, is to see it happening now and really feel it in your body, feel how it feels inside. This is talking to our self,cellular structure, our innate intelligence, to source." Statements of intent are the most powerful tools one can use to alter anything in one's life. They must be coherent with our deepest beliefs and habits. So we need to examine what our limiting beliefs and habits are and then we delete those that we dont need any longer with love and gratitude and we replace them with new beliefs and habits that will serve us.

We have to start telling our selves and the people around us a different story. 


What is Holistic Living
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