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There's 2 ways to walk
 Forwards and Backwards


Life is a walking, a journey

Light Walking 2


Walking the Light

life is a walking, a journey

We live in very important  and exciting times for humanity and all life on earth and the earth itself. It is a time of a collective waking up, a rise in global and universal consciousness

The power of intent is something we have not really understood yet, it is the ultimate tool in creating what you want in life. It is elegant and correct and manifests quicker than ever before.Walk with us and spread this energy of compassion and tolerance.

Activating Your Soul’s Healing Ability

Turn on your Light

Activating Your Soul’s Healing Ability guidelines by Archangel Raphael


Whether you already recognize yourself as a healer or not, take time to sit peacefully in meditation or surrounded by beautiful nature.

Repeat, ‘I am a healer, I embody and express my soul’s healing abilities.’ Focus upon your soul star chakra above your head, breathing in and out of this area. Allow the energy of your soul and natural healing abilities of your soul to build as a source of light in these areas.

Then place your focus within your earth star chakra below your feet, breathe into this area until you feel the energy of your soul build.

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The Gift of Choice by Buffalo Eagle

A powerfull message from a Native American Tribe Elder   "The Creator gave all 2 legged beings a sacred gift. We call this the Gift of Choice. Regardless of where we are born, we all come to earth with this gift. Along with this sacred gift all 2 legged beings have a sense of knowing right from wrong from the one who stands within. Therefore the gift of choice allows us to choose knowingly   life is a walking, a journey, ... SO IF LIFE UPON EARTH IS A JOURNEY,  There are two ways to walk.  

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