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Welcome nice to meet you

Light Walkers understand that beliefs, thoughts, emotions & behavior  affect our environment, whether it is humanity,the animal kingdom or the earth itself.

We believe that today each of us must make a conscious choice to set aside the man-made divisions which separate us and understand there is no difference between people regardless of religion, culture, color, economic status or gender. We all are part of the tribe of many colors.

We are all connected as ONE.

The light walkers symbol represents powerful values that unite our hearts and raise the collective consciousness humanity & Gaia.

Compassion, Tolerance, Trust, Integrity, Sovereignty, Authenticity, Unity, LOVE

Wearing this symbol is a true heart's signature, it is a powerful energy sent out by you which unites, merges with all who choose to wear this pendant. Each Pendant carries the energy of our ideas and is charged with our intentions, emotions, sacred mantras and Binaural music. Wearing it is a statement of Intent, which is broadcasting energy and creates something beautiful and powerful. It means you say YES, to carry and spread the frequency of integrity and thus help raise the frequency and vibration of earth and all life. Wearing this symbol means that you agree, understand your responsibility and that you choose to participate and facilitate in changing the world together by compassionate action, integrity, gratitude, acceptance and TrusT !

Your state of awareness contributes to, and is, changing this world, whether you believe it or not. 

By shinning your light from within, those in the dark can see a way out and

those that need healing and guidance can see you ;-)


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