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Things you should know

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Awareness is paying attention

New World Wisdom Video section

" Things You Should Know"  is for members only. 

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Here you can find all sorts of interesting and cool video'on new world wisdom, where science and spirituality come together in mind blowing ways. Here you can interact with us and others, asking questions, speak your mind & heart and share your ideas. Here you have free access to some of our exclusive empowering audio's | video's and you will be first to know about new and upcoming stuff

Learn from the best about what we can do physically, who we are spiritually, where the world is going, universal laws, new discoveries ancient wisdom, heart math, holisitic living & healing, expanding consciouness, meditations, affirmations, and much more ....   ;-) 

​e are bringing together information from the best in the field today, yesterday and tomorrow.

To watch the content only requires a login/signup .

We really like to get to know you and hear about your ideas 

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Things you should know






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