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"If the particles that we’re made of can be in instantaneous communication with one another, be in two places at once, and even change the past through choices made in the present, then we can as well" - Gregg Braden.




















New World Wisdom:

C.A.L. = Cells are listening. It means very simply Consciousness over Physics. 


Thought is not travelling like sound or light. Thoughts are instantly “arriving”, for the lack of a better word, in the same time we send them out, they are connected to consciousness and consciousness is something that is everywhere at any time,  ALWAYS, it doesn’t go away, it exists always and everywhere.

Consciousness of Intent; EXPECT CHANGE & IT WILL MANIFEST !

It is pure science today thanks to e.g.  Biology of Belief & EPI Genetics by Dr. Bruce Lipton | Nassim Haramein - Resonance Science Foundation | HeartMath Institute - Gregg Braden and many more.

In order to make a change in our life

we need to make a change in the story we tell to our selves and others. It starts with how we see ourselves and our issues, what do we see. When we see that wich is holding us back we can start re-writing the story. This is essential because what we belief about our selves instantly manifests into our reality. Every emotion is energy in motion. This energy has an effect on your immediate surroundings (plus minus 2-3 meters). The energy of our heart, sends out magnetic frequencies around us and has a radius of a few kilometers.

The heart's magnetic field is 5000 times stronger than the brain's

To redesign your life & relationships

you want to start with changing your language instantly. To delete all the words and ways of saying things from your dictionary software in your subconscious brain... 

  • Are you feeling frustrated in your daily efforts to succeed and create abundance in health love work and relationships in your life?

  • Are you irritated or angry even though you’ve set certain goals for yourself, gained knowledge, and worked hard? Are you wondering what’s standing in your way?

there’s an exact formula to abundance, it contains universal laws: It’s not desire or knowledge alone, but subconscious beliefs. 

There are many myths that we adopt in childhood that actually hold us back from the life we most want now. 

Break this code, the old programming and patterns and bring more abundance into your life—for good.

muscle testing (Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics, is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms. Applications of kinesiology to human health include: biomechanics and orthopedics, rehabilitation, such as physical and occupational therapy, as well as sport and exercise.

Muscle Yesting is great way to do a Wholistic check on all area's of your being to see what is beneficial to you and what is not, test it on: food, drinks, environments, relationships, career, traveling, moving, marriage etc..  

the power of consciousness

becoming supernatural is no longer science fiction but science future fact

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