Personalised  Meditation custom made  + full session with Michael van dommelen

Personalised Meditation custom made + full session with Michael van dommelen


PERSONALISED MEDITATIONS & AFFIRMATIONS | MANTRA"S AUDIO'S  specially custom made to your specific needs and wants, recorded by MIchael van Dommelen - Human Empowerment. This personal meditation is approaching you by name and working with you in an intimate, confidential and comforting way.

Meditations available on audio & video (mp3 | mp4) and or on a designed cd.


Made by Light Language Affirmation specialist in English or Dutch.

Based on information gained from a 2 hour session with Michael via skype | phone | whatsapp | or face 2 face.


"the session"


Whether you are dealing with health(Psychological or Physical) or  issues at work, in love life, social & family life, or parenthood for example the treatments will start with some basic understanding of universal laws – Physics even.  I will explain how our thoughts, beliefs and habits create reality, with background information on the latest science, which proves the following statement in strong ways ! “WE ARE THE PLACEBO”


You will gain the wisdom and tools to ignite breakthroughs for living a purposeful and meaningful life. I am there with you on your journey of "ah-ha! Moments" of transformation and powerful uplifting shifts in Heart Mind Body & Soul. I will show and teach you how you can eventually heal your self and others by applying the tools and techniques that we have inside our bodies, we dont need external tools and that is the good news. You need your voice eyes heart hands thoughts intent trust joy belief & love