Empowering Your Child -  custom made personalised meditation

Empowering Your Child - custom made personalised meditation



personalized editions to your childs specific needs  where Michael will be talking directly to the child approaching it by name.


In these meditations Michael use's his voice (sound & words),  thoughts & emotions  and a special kind of music called binaural beats with solfeggio frequencies. His meditations & treatments are based on the latest science like EPI-GENETICS by Bruce Lipton PhD, Quantum Physics, Quantum Healing, the Law of Attraction, The Biology of Belief, Physics of Consciousness, and more....


As it is for kids the meditations are short, around 10 minutes. 

Meditations work best when used in a frequent manner, the more you use them the greater the results and the faster too. A daily practice over a period of 3 to 4 months will result in new neural pathways, new ways of thinking experiencing doing feeling and believing.

They can also be played during night time or daytime on a low volume in the background, the subconscious mind will absorb and is always listeing.

These meditations can replace bedtime stories with powerful and uplifting stories about the child itself.