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Meet Your True Self

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We help people to find their true purpose & assist in changing their life through “Self Governance” and through (self)healing - balancing techniques.


We love to empower you for it is raising the vibration collectively, this leads to unity consciousness  
Don’t trust any system that separates you from your divinity .. your source .. your true essence ..your own natural healing abilities...

To start your journey it is advised to see this page  and see all the videos there! This is the most essential information right now to get your self ready for the new way life on this planet. You have self healing powers / abilities but they are dormant right now and they need to be activated so that you do not need us at the meantime we are here to assist you through these transitional times as a bridge so feel free to contact us and ask questions about anything really that concerns your journey, we are here for that !! 

Please know that we do not charge for information, that will always be free, please consider a do-nation if you wish to have video chat or other assistance that requires our time and energy. 

If you dont know what your higher self is or you have not communicated with that part of you then there are some ways to discover and experience some things (about your self). So if you are new to all of this and have questions then reach out to us.



the following information is from some years ago and I have left it as it is to give you all an overview of the past and the services and products we offered...

Today it will be very different to sit with one and to spend time and energy. It will have to coincide with their journey to Self Governance. So anyone needing assistance must be willing to do the work and align with Gaia as she is transitioning. The new frequencies will be very unpleasant for all those that can not commit to universal law. It will cause more and more symptoms and old ways will not fix it, nothing will work any longer..we must get rid of all foreign DNA in our bodies, eggs meat cheese milk meat(human) blood flesh, fish  etc.. VEGAN is the only way to be in harmonic resonance with the planet... its not personal ..its frequency...


As you can see We have done lots of research and we were always looking for In-dependancy for All, meaning not to have anyone have to heal you..NO ! We can do that ourselves but we were not told so! 

Now I came to see that the only way to self-balance is to turn on my own star core and clean my akashic records, vvomb vvaters  in order to travel through the dimensions and turn of my AI me the 7th dimension and beyond...

No one is teaching this except for those that we strongly point you to here on this website, see

Numbers are Living Beings and here you find all about it -

Soon we will be guiding ones ourselves as soon as we are ready and we have mastered the material and information. Its quite a lot! 










OLD text 

15 years of investigating how consciousness is being expressed through our bodies and through events in our life, researching practicing energy healing | vibrational medicine & being present, and many many reviews received, it is clear that we are powerful creators and must take responsibility for our (daily) reality. 

We are here to assist you to Restore, Re-Balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine Essence … Activate others in either Repairing or Transmuting the old, Activating Languages or Decoding Capacities through Celestial Symphonies written / drawn and sung through the Language of Light(the heart), toning, chanting, (sound vibration frequencies) 

We assist people to find their true happiness & change their life through Self Governance, “practicing being in a state of awareness” – Self Discovery – Self Inquiry | Energy Healing Transmissions (shamanic) | Cosmic Celestial Symphonies | Breathing techniques  

There is a simple way to heal and transform, to attract that which we seek but can’t seem to reach. We have all the tools inside of us, we only need to allow the possibility that there are things we don’t know yet or have experienced yet, allow for unexpected things to occur, curious to experience. That is how we have today's beautiful inventions that serve us daily, only the open “mind (the heart!!)” can grow. 

The first step though is to accept responsibility, meaning we innerstand that our thoughts and beliefs have an effect on the people around us and the environment. That Consciousness changes matter !, Our cells are listening, When we talk to water or plants we see a response!

All treatments are focused on helping people to re-balance their mind, body and transform their life by using the correct language that heals and attracts the life we are dreaming of, by innerstanding that our thoughts (beliefs & habits, conditioning) create our reality. 

We are activating a collective field for healing / balancing to take place, through sound light conscious intent, Self-Inquiry & configuring energy, directing it. People get access to parts of themselves that they never got access to before.

Sessions consist of deep listening and talking, healing through sound light color resonance, energetic cleaning & balancing of the energy centers of the body and the auric field. I use my hands (magnetics), voice, thoughts, emotions, sacred sounds, celestial symphonies, light language (vocal and written / drawn). By deep listening and looking at people's beliefs and habits, the way they speak think talk move breath and behave, I know what to focus on. 
We are what we say feel do think believe and in order to change anything we need to change our story by discovering what is limiting us. 
Any vehicle that will come for 1 on 1 physical sessions and commit to an open exchange will experience instantaneously the effects of these activations because of the Sound Light NUmbers Technology Alchemy, it works right away. Online works as well, just takes some more sessions, its gradual. 

One gets activated through codes that are being transmitted, we bring forth sound frequencies to harmonize & activate, and come in with deep resonance to transmute & re-orientate the energy into pristine clarity & purity for ALL … animals humans nature, earth. 

Through meetings, whether physical one on one or (long) distance, people are activating their own knowingness through experience and clearing all that is untrue … and i.e. (light) original languages that they don’t know at all. One will be activated within either for; repairing damage, transmuting the old – re-patterning, activating (light)languages and –or decoding capacities, re-orientating energy. 



Our Mission is Connecting (with) people 

To connect people to their true SELF, the people around them and to source energy, to teach people how we can heal our own body and transform our life by talking to our Self and our cells, by choosing the correct thoughts & language, feelings & emotions, learning how to breathe, learning how our voice can be used to adjust the frequency of our body to the right vibration so we can heal and prevent disease illnesses stress, etc.... 

We use our innate "mother - father creator-given" talents, deep calming voice, emotional intelligence, personal experience & knowledge picked up along the way from many great "family-teacher-students" that crossed our path. Our purpose in life is altering the attitude of this planet from Service to Self to Service to Others, the Collective, to help & treat people where possible and to teach them how to balance themselves so that they can do it without us.and then pay it forward...We share the principals which are free for every one and we shed light on how to discern truth from fiction.

With these talents and love we help people change their life through “practicing being in a state of awareness” and through holistic healing techniques. We literally can assist anyone as all leads us to understanding who we are and how we are constantly creating and attracting events and people into our lives all the time, mostly unknowingly or subconsciously...


So basically you will learn how to Re-design personal & professional life & relationships.

We know what and when to do by practicing observation, a deep looking at and listening to people's beliefs and habits, the way they walk talk speak think, move and behave, we know what to focus on. We can't hide our conditioning and that's a good thing! We will always be able to see where we are acting out an old pattern

In our treatments, we use our voice (sound & words), thoughts & emotions, hands and a special kind of music called binaural beats with solfeggio frequencies. All actualisations | activations | treatments are based on the latest science on EPI-GENETICS by Dr. Jere Rivera Dugenio, E'Asha Deane, Bruce Lipton PhD, Quantum Physics, Quantum Healing, the Law of Attraction, The Biology of Belief, Physics of Consciousness, and many more....

Balancing & Activations through

  • Conscious Talk. (Our expectations limit the results, how good the might seem to be) Instructions from a high conscious being
    is Self-Healing & Maintenance

  • Activations / Transmissions – sound light thought intent. Deep Resonance

  • Toning. 

  • Magnetism. 

  • Muscle Testing | Dowsing

  • Chanting. 


Products & Services

  • Soul Language- Heart Song - Activations & Transmissions LIVE, one on one | groups | events

  • Light Encoded Activations & Transmissions Art (music sound vocals visuals ) as Jpeg, Video or Audio Customized for You or
    your event (theme)

  • Personalized Guidance / Activations audios with the language that creates, coherence between what we are and what we believe to be

  • Shamanic Energy Healing sessions for acute pain aches etc. - magnetic hands, voice, eyes, intent source connection

  • Light Walkers jewelry, pendant, (see our shop in this website)

  • Muscle Testing | Dowsing for accurate diet - lifestyle in general - 

For more info see this link

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