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Satsang of Sanity

IN-scension Mechanics: SELF HEALING PROTOCOL

IN-scension Mechanics : SELF HEALING PROTOCOL ** 

No more need for products or practitioners ... 

or courses, prayers etc.. you only need your consciousness, your awareness, your attention, and most important IN-tention. How are you aligned?... Who do you believe your self to be? 


I will share with you what I did and how and why it works..

and take you on a journey so you can experience how or what it felt like for some of my clients, i will share the mechanics of how i take care of myself through breathing sound and much more…

In the last 9 years i have seen some pretty amazing "things" taking. place ..and some crazy ass shit happening when doing sessions with people here locally or over long distance without any contact at the moment of transmission… 

The what & how I take care of myself I shared with some of my friends, one who lives in Holland, an old friend, she called me one day a few weeks ago, and told me she collapsed at work and had to take a train home, was very ill and very nauseous .. if i could help!! yes i could, and after our short 20 minutes session she fell asleep and texted me some hours later that she felt almost completely better !! AMAZED she was and so was I.. 


first step was calming her down and bringing her back to IS-NESS, to the here and now, from person(-identity) to presence meaning from being the experiencer to being the observer, this is an important step that will make all the difference.  That will shift the oscillation of the spin of your merkaba around you and around all your cells.. 


step 2 was showing her how she can invite the essences of whatever it is we require at the moment from a Cosmic Library that holds all information and so also the essence of all that IS, it matters “who” you are when you do this! 


step 3 Then I used my voice / sound toning / soul language which are tools to clear out “Metatronic” vibes thoughts feelings ideas etc etc..

Scalar wave recalibration is the technical term

I clear the area, the room, you, ..not intentionally, it just happens because I am using sound as a tool to clear out all that is in our field, merkaba etc., that is to say, all that is not in harmony with our bodies on all levels of physicality and she told me that she was very very sleepy and so we disconnected .. the next day she was 85% better.. she could not believe it and was asking me “HOW can it be!? 


This friend did not have any prior sessions with me. She is also not doing any specific “spiritual-ascension work” …so that is good news for all those that are new to this. She does know she is not the body but in the body (for now) ...she followed the guidance back INside and did her own discovery of what is possible… 



In this Meeting I will share some of the most bizar experiences

when working with clients/friends/family and how i combine breath sound thought light language feelings/emotions and light encoded art in creating a working space, we literally are designing our fields, our domes in a way, around us, with what we say, believe think, hope for, miss, etc etc..imagine what happens when you start to use your own voice breath vibration frequencies in a conscious focussed way! Let the light language flow out of you like a waterfall or stream ..experience the liberation when you surrender to the moment, no scripting/scenarios, no lyrics, no preparation, ..just accepting what will come up, out, …in.. this exercise in itself is bypassing the mind, it stops thought.. we are “thinking to much, to often”…thinking is non-presence and so attracts or magnetises that which we are energising by our thought forms ideas fears beliefs etc etc.



This is the feedback from my "old friend"'

from the Netherlands after our 20 minutes meeting

on video-call and responding to this blaster-class I am launching now;

after (sleeping) 7 hours after our session; "Bizar, I feel almost completely better! 

24 hours later I asked How are you ?: " I am 85% better ! So remarkable. Thank you for being there for me ...

Responding to this workshop :
Hmmm who is that “old” friend??? 😂😘❤️🔥
I would love to join!
And learn what and how you did THAT? I went from 40 degrees fever to normal feeling 85% better in just 20 mins
My son said he could “fry an egg” on my head...

YES i can also assist those that had a jibbyjabby doo … 


I can do healings in urgent cases and I will do so but on one condition only and that is that you will agree to learn how to do this your self, you will agree to journey with me for a while to assist you in your “shifting paradigms” which is quite a ride and will confront you with unconscious behaviours actions thoughts ideas morals etc …

The mind will want to come back as it has been the driver of your “vehicle” for a long time. After this meeting your sense of self will have changed or better said expanded, some things will start to fall away, dissolve ..illusions become visible, seen.. one cannot unsee what one has seen, witnessed, experienced etc.. seeing is the key!


Conscious Manifestation Satsangs : What are we doing and WHY?

Who is it that is doing, singing, dancing, speaking, thinking, hoping for, working, studying, complaining, fighting the good fight, selling and buying goods, sharing posts, writing posts, commenting on posts, asking for prayers or energy to be send their way, hoping for…., etc etc..

Re-Programming of E.G.O. - Epi-Genetic Overlay .. we are all walking programs, conditioned from the day we we set foot on the planet, 

From which awareness, or program conviction, are your thoughts coming from? ideas morals beliefs habits religion culture education etc etc, 


>>Self Realisation(Discovery) - Self Actualisation - Self INquiry - Bio-Regenesis <<

Including each session:

Sound Toning Soul Language-Heart Song Actualisation - scalar energy recalibration - bio regenesis :

Energy Booster - Cellular detox - Boosting Immune System - (no shots here!!) for general release and-or- relieve of

general pains aches fatigue depression sleep disorders | chakra clearing & harmonisation 

This Actualisation shatters the NOISE & stimulates consciousness coherence and protects enhances & harmonizes our autonomic nervous system, it supports relaxation, cellular detoxification, healing from electro-smog, Geopathic Stress. Balancing hemi-spheres of brain, improving mental focus, cleanses blood and much much more…

Personalised Light Code (image - jpeg) 

check here for General SoS codes accessible for everyone that visits our website

there will be time for Q&A 

and one question per person to be answered by muscle testing | dowsing techniques.

These questions must be answered by yes or no, so think well before you ask the question,

it can answer questions our mind can’t answer but our body knows

The question can be about:

*what your body requires at his moment as in food, fluids, movement, etc.. 

*are you in the correct relationship / working space / career / etc etc..



€85 (euro) per person for groups (3 to 4 hour meetings)

€264 (euro) per person for private meetings (are bit shorter than group meetings)


As we work with people from all timezones we look at every participant and group and plan accordingly to our both conveniences.

You can form a group locally and plan with us the shedule for that group...

see time converter link>>

Spontanic / short notice / urgent sessions are possible ( private or group )

Groups require a minimum of 4 people - max 12 people 

**Meetings can also be in the Dutch language as I am originally from the Netherlands**



book your spot here with Paypal or credit card 

if these buttons don't work >> 

or PayPal direct if you have PayPal :

digital crypto currencies are accepted as well, contact me for details / wallet address:

ZOOM LINK will be send after receiving your payment 

Make sure to mention the date you are booking and for what you are booking ; IN-scension Mechanics : SELF HEALING PROTOCOL

video MWF

*Some information that might assist in preparing for this "workshop" by shedding some old paradigm assumptions | belies | ideas | ...

RECOMMENDED before joining this meeting if you have no prior knowledge and or experience about these "new science" technologies ...

Invitation to awakening / freedom (mooji) | Self Discovery | Michael WhiteFeather

Immediate Awakening for Everyone | a profoundly clear and direct pointing leading to Self- Realisation | Meeting the True Self | Vibrational Medicine & Breath-Work guided by Michael White Feather-Nilaaya. This is my version of the Invitation to Freedom by Mooji and I have mixed in light encoded art and healing / balancing activating Sound Light Color Alchemy, In the background you can hear my voice singing toning and speaking in Cosmic LoveLight Language. 

Some Activating videos to assist in releasing  J-Seals and recalibrate Scalar Waves / Energy Field/Body/Cells

High Veca Codes Song | Technique for healing | Induction of veca codes - recommended daily

Vibrational Medicine by Michael Whitefeather:

Actualisations | Activations

collection playlist miscellaneous Michael WhiteFeather

important | MUST SEE | Things You should know links ;

important | MUST SEE

Dr. Jere R. Dugenio on Eternal-Life vs. Death Science Technologies 

important | MUST SEE

Techniques for Manifestation & Metatronic Caduceus Clearing

Excerpt taken from Sliders Series 1 Disc 3: Ashayana Deane Ascension Teachings Guardian Materials Sirius-B Council. 

Guardian Materials | Keylontic Science

Miles had more than 40 tumors and did only use his consciousness to overcome what the doctors could not hold possible ..he meditated for 3 months 7 days a week 7 to 8 hours every day...WHAT is meditation ?? Its not what we think it is. You will learn the principles and how to apply it.

Miles onstage telling his story of healing from stage 4 brain and lung cancer.

The Flower of Life Deception – Metatronic Exposé – Part 1 

The Flower of Life Deception – Metatronic Exposé – Part 2 

Brave Scientist Destroys Physics Gravity Newton Einstein All At Once and so many careers

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