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Light walkers Symbol banner new

The light walkers symbol represents powerful values that unite our hearts and raise the collective consciousness of Humanity & Gaia​. It is a daily reminder to always walk & talk with the values that bring people together

Compassion - Tolerance - Trust - Integrity - Sovereignty - Authenticity - Unity - LOVE

Wearing this symbol is a true heart's signature, Each Pendant carries the energy of our ideas and is charged with our intentions, emotions, sacred mantras and Binaural music. It means that you agree, understand your responsibility and that you choose to participate and facilitate in changing the world together. Your state of awareness contributes to, and is, changing this world.

The symbol has been energetically programmed through ceremonie and written content on what this symbol will do when you see it, wear it or hang it above your bed. It doesn't matter where you will see this symbol, it will have the effects always. We have received many wonderful feedback on what happened when one would wear the pendant for the first time, some even do not want to take it off. Some are guided to wear it while they would not consider to wear any jewellery at all !